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Does changing my gig category again and again is a violation of TOS

Hello everyone,
So I am totally a newbie on Fiverr its hardly been about 1 month I have published my gig. Before publishing and doing all the other necessary stuff I went through the Fiverr TOS thoroughly and got a rough idea about what i should and what I shouldnt do here.

First Let me tell a bit about my GIG and what i am offering, so basically I am a video editor offering editing service and till now I havent got any order but i am trying my best to get one.
I know these are my initial days so it will be a bit tough for me to get orders and keep rolling them but I am ready for the challenges i have been constantly checking BR to get suitable clients though i dont even get request visible and I know its only because I am a new seller but whenever I get a suitable work i do apply, I have also tried promoting my gig through my social handles and I am hoping soon or later I will get orders rolling if everything goes right.

Now lets come to my question –

So currently I only have a single gig published in the video editing category, and as I told i dont get much buyer request visible on my account to summarize around 1-2 buyer request i get to see on a daily basis. So in order to get more BR I do a very small thing I change my category.
Like firstly my category is video & animation > video editing so i simply change it to video & animation > others

So i do this small little change and again i check for BR so there were a lot of cases I got more BR as compared to normal so which ever i find suitable to apply for i do apply and after applying i again change to my old category which was video editing.

So I follow this same process whole day to get more and more BR change my category apply to any suitable job and again change it back to what it was.
So my question is if i continue doing this is it illegal am i breaching any TOS of Fiverr because nothing related to these things are written on the TOS and this idea is totally by me to get more BR then normal for a new seller…

Please if anyone knows about this topic help me I just want to know if by anyhow i am breaking any rules thats it…If so then in the future i will definitely not do it again…