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Does changing the gig pricing affect on the search ranking?

Hello, I’m a designer…
Once, I edited my gig (the category and the description), and it lost the search ranking…
I’m confused now about something!
If I edited the gig’s price, will this make the same problem of search ranking??
Thanks you.

I also want to know this. If changing the price also makes the gig disappear from ranking until it’s approved.

I would think that’s the case since when I read others* commenting in the forum they refer to any editing.

*I couldn’t find this information from an official source so I’m not sure if this is something that people keep saying and it’s been a long time since anybody checked.

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It takes 24-48 hrs to back normally.

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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I remember when the new algorithm got set, I changed my gig to some ridiculous amount like $500 or something and I was placed as the very first gig in the search results, it was pretty funny.
But I agree with misscrystal - sometimes yes, sometimes no.