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Does charging more for gig drive away customers?

Hi. I’m a new voiceover seller on here. I’ve read some stuff stating you should charge more than the minimum $5 to create some value to your gig and service. However, as a newbie, I feel it would be difficult to compete with all the other voice over providers offering the $5 gigs. What is your experience with pricing? Have you found it hard to compete when you up your price- even to $10 or $15? Thanks for your insight! Mike

charging more doesn’t drive away customers, consider it like an added filter… Charge $5 you might get 80% who can afford it… note the 20% is for the ones who want things for free… charge $10 = 70%, $15 = 60% and so on

As a newbie you need orders and reviews. So price your services accordingly and keep them low.


Keep your gig price low for now, deliver quality job and get raving reviews. Your top priority as a newbie should be building your profile. Leave your worries about increasing your rates for later.

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Good advice. Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! Those sound like some good words of wisdom!

I hadn’t thought of it like that. Good way to look at it. I appreciate that.

Keep the low price while you’re still new, to get some reviews.

Once you increase your price, you’ll lose some customers, sure, but some will stay with you because they’ve worked with you before and appreciate what you can do for them. Also, you might gain new customers, those who don’t even look at sellers with low prices.

It totally depends how you sell your gig. If you can provide great samples of voice over jobs, you can start of with higher price since voiceover gigs are quite easy to hear if the gig is worth buying it or not. On the other hand if you have good reviews people are always more keen to order from those who have had great reviews in the past. So having smaller price gives you a possibility to get gigs and reviews faster.

I used to do $5 gigs and got a lot of orders. For starters it was nice but after a while I decided to raise the price and “raise the profile” of customers also. Let’s just say offering $5 dollar gigs brings in all levels of customers. Raising the price takes off many gigs and customers but those customers who are willing to pay more, are also usually the ones you actually want to work with since they are more serious about their own business.

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Thanks! That sounds like a good plan of action. I’m finding out that with add-ons and tips, I’m getting more than $5 per gig. So, I’ll leave it there for now and see how it goes. I appreciate the advice!

It always depends , serious buyers are always going to choose quality over cheaper services , also rising your prices could also scare away some people that are only here to cause trouble

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If you are new, you might want to keep it cheap for a while.

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I would have $10 prices if I were a new seller. It might help to avoid some difficulties with buyers who are bargain hunters. But you can try various prices to see what works best for you.

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its a difficult situation because when you charge just 5 dollars for the job there is a large probability that you came across a scam buyer, because for them it is easy to spend just 5 dollar and give you a hard time with negative review.on the other hand if you charge higher than the 5 dollars it will be difficult to get the orders in the initial stage…

Thanks for the heads up on that. I will certainly keep that in mind when setting prices!

Thats a good idea. I appreciate your advice on that. I will see how it goes. Thanks!