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Does Christmas Holidays Increase your sales or Decrease?


Please let us know the influence that Christmas left on your sales.


Definitely go down for me


mohsin down hui h sales:P


usually about 3 orders a day- Christmas Eve=1 order. Christmas day= 0. 2 days after Christmas still nothing :(. I’m sure it will go back up as a lot of my regular customers are off until after New Years.


Mine stayed at the same rate. Not too bad.


Orders go down for me too over Christmas, here and other places…it happens every year. They pick back up though usually.


I backed off promoting my family tree gig due to some personal circumstances but after the first of the year I will be back out marketing and pounding the pavement helping people climb their family trees


Hopping we gonna get much sales after New year Eve :slight_smile:


A lil bit decrease!