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Does Custom Offers Help in Page Ranking?

I’ve experienced most of the buyers ask for custom offers. But I prefer normal gig orders as I think normal gig orders help in page ranking on fiverr. Is my assumption correct or there’s no difference in normal and custom offers. Please reply.

No difference as far as page ranking. My custom orders are some of the biggest orders I get.

Thanks for clearing me. What about price? Does it really differ?

When my buyers ask for custom orders they are always big orders. They usually have bigger problems and need more from me.

So no issue whether its $5 or $50, right?

My custom offers are always more than $50.

My orders are based for 95% on custom offers. I couldn’t tell if there is any difference.

Thank you misscrystal

Yes for me also …my most of the orders are based on custom offers…


We only use custom offers and it should be mandatory. It just makes more sense and buyers can see exactly what you will do for the what they pay. Also, a custom offer acts as the buyers invoice which many buyers need in their business. No difference in ranking as the ranking seems to be controlled manually.

I would love to give 100% custom offers but how to block buyers from ordering on their own?

I really wish custom offers were the only option, but I do see the value of having gigs that can be purchased “off the shelf” style.

As a new seller (and even still now, at level 2) custom orders often mean haggling over price. The whole idea of Fiverr is that there’s less discussion about price – you can purchase straight from a gig page and know exactly what you’re getting.

But that doesn’t fit the real world so well. Maybe you don’t want to pay for the source files or some extra that’s included “free” in a high level package. Or maybe, a repeat buyer gets a special discount with you, or maybe X and Y and Z other things. So that’s when custom offers are very helpful.

I still think gig pages with set costs are helpful. If nothing else, they provide pricing reference. Otherwise, buyers would never understand that no, I will NOT write you a 6k academic essay for $5 or a Master’s thesis for $50.

Also agree with @misscrystal – blocking buyers would be the most useful option that Fiverr could add to improve seller experience.

no difference the ranking is all about how many reviews you are taking on daily basis its about consistency.

No difference. Custom offers also added in your gigs ratings.


NO any different effect between custom offers and ordinary gigs to your rankings! If you ever had sent a custom offer before, you have asked to chose a gig to create your custom offer! Right?! :slight_smile: So, when you get your review to that custom offer, it’ll appear under that gig. So, there is no any different effect between custom offers and ordinary gig to your rankings. :slight_smile: High ratings!! High rankings!!

Hope this will help you very much!

Thank you! :slight_smile:


Most of my orders are from Custom Offers and I get a lot of work so I think it makes no difference with respect to ranking.

Working with packages and creating ‘gaps’ between them that urge the buyer to ask for a custom offer. There will always be a buyer who thinks “OK, but I need it just a little different, so lets reach out to the seller”. Savvy?

Great, thanks for clearing me!

No problem