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Does deliver our work too fast affect our profile badly?

I have a client, communicated was really smooth, and I send the draft of my work in the message box. he totally satisfied. So I created an offer, and he accepted, the order is in process. Is it any bad effect on my profile if I deliver my work right after the order get started?
I mean If I send a Custom Offer with 2 days delivery, but right after the order in the process I make delivery in 2 mins. Is that okay?


It’s totally fine. I’ve never seen anyone being reprimanded for doing a great job and on time too. Deliver the order, your buyer will be amazed. And if the buyer needs a revision, you will have ample time to revise the work and deliver again.


that’s absolutely no need to worry. you can deliver your project without any hesitation. good luck.


Fiverr loves it when sellers deliver fast, don’t worry about it.


I think its no problem. I think it will be great of you to do that.


Thanks for your advice. May be I thought too far, I just thought deliver too fast might not natural process. But I think it’s Okay now. I’ve just made a delivery. Thank you so much.

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Hi there. Thanks so much. I did it. Hope you grow well with your Fiverr career

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Yes @catwriter with all of your support, I’ve just made it. Hope Fiverr loves me. Thank you so much for helping

Thank you @alamjahidul, that’s really helpful to me. I’ve just made it.

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Hey there. I get where you’re coming from.
I think generally its great. But I’ve heard of a few cases where the repeat buyer can then Expect you to always deliver that fast.

Hope that helps.

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That was really helped @nateb99, Thanks so much. I’m too close to have a level up. So every step I take should be slow and careful. All good things to you!

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It doesn’t affect you negatively, in-fact if you have a fast delivery time within 24 hours then you get the express tag on your gig, but personally, I don’t deliver so quick after I’ve recieved an order even if it is an easy job, give yourself time to revise the work and make sure it’s perfect.


Thanks @kometbeats so much.
At the first moment, I just thought It’s unnatural when we deliver too fast. Then I thought waiting for a few moments sounds a good idea

Yes it’s absolutely ok. You can deliver it as soon as you want. Good luck :smiley:


Thanks, and to you too!

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Thanks @fouzia_zakria, All good things come to you!

No worry! good luck mate.

don’t worry bro! it’s absolutely fine… :slight_smile:

@huykieu92 :laughing: I do this all the time and I am pretty sure there is nothing wrong with this, in fact I am assuming the faster you deliver the better for both you and your client coz it shows how good you are with client servicing and a wow experience to ur client will mean more business to fiverr and you too as a seller but of course keeping in mind the quality of work is not compromised on. :grinning:

You can do it, it is fine! :ok_hand: