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Does Delivered on Time really affect orders?

Hello colleagues,

do you think Delivered on Time factor really affect the number of orders we get? Because I start thinking that it really affects negatively the gigs ordered …

Please comment

I wouldn’t want to start delivering late to find out.

i think so

I have to agree with @misscrystal. Fiverr wouldn’t have countdowns and deadlines on every order if they didn’t want sellers to deliver on time. So, yes, not delivering on time does have an effect on a seller’s success here on Fiverr.

Yes, it affects sales to some point. But, if you are late more than 24h and the buyer canceled the gig and you get 1 star rating because you were late… you can say good bye to that gig. So, try to never do late deliveries, but most importantly never, ever, ever, ever be late more than 24h.

Yes, late delivery if orders effects your sales. In last month i delivered 3 late ordera and then my sales went down. I got 4 orders only. But this month i’m delivering on time and getting more buyer response.

Hard to say for sure…my “delivered on time” is 34%, and has been around that for a long time…but I get enough orders and am booked 14-15 days in advance…work 15 hours a day…have 3 negative reviews and 2028 positive reviews and 600+ unrated orders…but I don’t rank at the top of the search results for my category, as I should, given my ratings as am on the 11th or 12th row. So, I guess “delivered on time” does affect, but quality of work is more important I think. Just make sure not to delay beyond 24 hours - I have only 1 cancellation due to late delivery in my 2 years here. Of course, I want to know what MissCrystal and Jon have to say about this.

I think your talent speaks for itself and that is the main thing people want and care about.

yes it does effect, the fiverr ranking algorithm takes this into account,. a few months ago i was really busy and my delivered on time percentage dropped to a low of %40. but then i steadily started delivering on time and now its 87%, my gig has started to rise in the High rated section of gigs. so the higher the positive rating and higher the delivered on time percentage, the higher you rank. which will bring more traffic and more orders.

Yes, I am a first level seller and I also appreciate delivery of work on time. It is so important for your job. As you know punctuality is reflection of you.

At this time I do not receieve many orders and I wonder if that is the reason. Unfortunately, was not my fault for the delayed orders so hope it will improve in future …

I would not want to test it out.

Since Fiver is monitoring this I’m positive it will reflect bad on your gigs.

One of the ways it can impact you negatively is trough lowering your gig’s position in search.