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Does description matter for ranking a gig on fiverr?


Hello there, today I created a new gig and I was searching my competitor’s gig that how they write their gig.
But I am amazed to know one thing a person only wrote two or three lines in a description and didn’t give the full info about the service but he/she’s gig is on the first page and got 13 orders in queue.

Do you know the answer?
Please let me know, I am very excited to know about this


There is no single or generic answer other than the fact that he may deliver quality work. Low cancellation ratio. Great reviews. And there are many more factors as to why his gig is where it is.

Don’t forget that it’s not only about the title of your gig but rather of the service you provide.

Best of luck.


Thank you so much. I appreciate


I’ve noticed this too. I wonder if that was the same thing they started with when they created the gig. I’m curious to see that if you want to message me.