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Does editing a Gig effect its placement?


Hi Fiverriers

Is it real that editing a gig effects its placement in the market and can effect your selling or is only a myth?


Updating GIG when sales are on high peak

It’s not a myth. Any relatively moderate or big changes to your gig will drop its search position (and implicitly its sales) for ~24 hours or so, until it gets approved by the editorial team. After that it will get back up if everything’s in place.

However, I’ve heard that very little changes shouldn’t have such an effect.


What are little changes and big changes for fiverr? Tags, Images, Name, Pricing, Delivery days? etc.


I did a lot of changes last April specially. Sometimes you can make a lot of changes and your Gig is on it’s place. Sometimes after 1 small change Gig goes to “police cell” for up to 24 hrs untill the High Court of Fiverr.
My one is arrested now for changing the picture :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward to see him on public :slight_smile:


There is no official list of what the big or small changes could be. It’s up to Fiverr to decide what change is small or big, but I presume that small changes are those that are performed quickly and without buttoning too much :stuck_out_tongue:


If it needs to be changed then it is worth the hit for a few hours or days. Your gig should accurately describe what you do. Changes can have a great long term effect. I wouldn’t worry about a short term dip in impressions.