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Does editing a gig still cause a decrease in impressions?

Hey, Fiverr sellers!

I remember months ago that editing a gig would cause it to be removed from search for awhile, significantly lowering impressions and orders. I wanted to edit something on one of my gig pages, but I’ve been finally starting to get more orders and inquiries and don’t want to lose that momentum.

Anyone have a good / bad recent experience?


I saw the same info. Now I am wondering about vacation mode which I think may do the same thing. I had several weeks off and now the orders have slowed down. I will keep everyone posted.

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If you have flow, never edit a gig. If you loose it for a week or two, then edit. Once, almost half an year ago I edited, my sales dropped much. While having no sales for a month, I edited and sales started again - my proof.


@melissaharlowvo and @insects44, thank you both so much for your insight!


I am facing the same problem…

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In some cases, editing your gig might help you readjust your gigs and put them in order… I’m a new seller, at first for a good 2 weeks I never got any order, so I thought something was wrong, I edited my gig, make some necessary adjustments… And the boom, I started receiving message and getting order few days after editing… So I can testify that it really helps… But if you are already getting the flow, it’s of no use… Just maintain that lane…