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Does editing a gig will effect rating?

I need to update my gig description which has three reviews on it… I want to add some points for the guidance of buyers and have to change the IMAGE too…

But I’m not editing it deliberately because I heard from some people that it will effect the rating…

Is that so? Can anyone give a clear-cut answer?

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NOOOOO, it’s wrong what they told you.
you can update your gig description as you want and it won’t affect anything

No, it doesn’t affect your rating at all. It may have an impact on your future sales, for better or worse, but your reviews are permanent unless you delete the gig and recreate it.

Sir, editing keywords of your GIG effects your rating & reviews or not?

If you change the Seo Title, Seo Tags or Price, it should affect you somehow. However it can affect you in a positive or a negative way.

You are replying years later! Maybe you didn’t notice.

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