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Does editing gig continuously effect ranking?

hello everyone,
i’m new in fiverr. recently i edit my gig title, seo & pic 4 5 time . i’m not happy about my current gig pic. should i delete my gig an create a new one?

Every time you click edit your gig will disappear from search for anything up to a few days each time.
Think about how to make your gig the best it can be, do it, then leave it.


Whenever I’ve edited more than twice in a row my gig is nowhere to be found.


is there any problem if i delete my gig?

I just edited my gig and it’s still in the same exact page it was before in the search results, so I wouldn’t say editing affects anything

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.
Our assumptions that it depends on what kind of data you are changing.

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I’m not sure, I edited my gig many times these past few days, changed pricing, description, tags etc etc and it didn’t affect it. The only thing I didn’t change was the pictures, maybe that’s where the issue lies.

Count yourself as lucky - Support told me some time back that even just clicking the Edit button can take the gig out of search til it is approved again.


Thank you for that helpful bit of advice!

I edit one of my gig for a few times , then after it I can not search it again with any of my keywords , so better don’t edit it , just be sure about everything before upload and create your gig