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Does editing my gigg after publishing affect the ranking?

So I have completed my Gigg, it is up and on the search page however I want to make some changes to it. I know that if I change the Title of the gigg that the URL remains the same as the original title, other than this are there any other things I should know about editing a Gigg? Does it reset the stats, is there a drawback to making an edit? Would love to hear your thoughts on this! Thanks Matt

Editing it removes it from the search engine index for a certain amount of time (maybe up to 24 hours) until Fiverr approves the changes.

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Thanks for a quick reply! Will all the stats which count towards ranking (e.g. impressions, clicks, etc) be reset and therefore have a negative impact on where my gigg features in the search results?

No, I’m sure impressions, clicks etc. won’t be reset but if the gig is not in the search index for a while (eg. up to 24 hours) people won’t be able to find it through Fiverr search for a while. So it may affect ranking (at least for a while). edit: It may not necessarily appear in the same place in the search results after it’s been re-added to the search index after the changes are accepted by Fiverr.

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Thank you, that is a relief aha!