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Does editing your gig affect your stats or rank?

Hi! I wanted to make a little modification in one of my gigs, but I seem to have read around here on the Forum that doing so might affect your gig stat or rank. Is it true??


As far as I know, no it doesn’t affect your stats. I’ve been told to edit your gig every now and then and that helps push it up the visibility scale. Not sure if it works, but I’ve changed things all the time on mine and doesn’t seem to slow me down.


You had a few good reviews as I see but the thing is to depend on which section you want to edit.
Of course, editing effect on your gig if your gig is rank in the search result, don’t edit but if you want to you can.

Let me explain what’s the reason behind that.

Gig always rank with your Keyword, Tags, right?
Suppose your gig is ranked in tshirt design and you change that keyword so naturally it will affect on your gig. But if you want to change the Price it’s okay.

NOTE: When you have an order in Queue then it’s the best time to update whatever you want because the next day you will get reviews from your client so it will back up.

Hope you understand.


Yes I see, thank you for the helpful advice! I actually did that until now, but now that I do not have current open orders, I was wondering if I could modify the number of revisions in one of my gigs. But… to be sure, I’ll wait to receive an order.


Yes if you make changes in your Fiverr gig like you update your title, tags and thumbnail your ranking will definitely be affected.

Choose your gig titles and tags carefully and don’t change them.


Very good explanation. Thank you brother


Yes editing your gig will affect your rankings


Hello there Mr scsa. What’s your point of view on the question now ?is it same or different. Kindly tell me as I want to update my stuff

Will it decrease my ranking? I recently updated my gig and titles. I am not getting any offers even buyers request after that :pensive: