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Does editing your gig effect selling?

I’ve noticed whenever i edit my gig it kinda stop generating sales.Can someone explain does it really rank you gig lower when you make changes in it??



When you change gig description , Fiverr have to update your gig again so sometimes it loses ranking . Do not change gig description too much it will affect your gig ranking and you will lose sales .

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Wow. I did not know that. I change my gig descriptions almost every day. I edit at least one of my videos almost every day. I’m not sure I will be able to stop! I am never happy with them.

Sort of on the same topic: why does no one that I have yet seen use all of the gigs available to them?



That’s a great question. I only have 13 gigs and it’s just easier to manage them.
Some top sellers only have one or two gigs. I think I am allowed to have up to 30.


If it does effect than i’m probably doing something horrible i mean i have edited my gig a lot since i’ve joined fiverr. The titles,descriptions and the pictures to.I change everything that could possibly make my gigs and profile look effective.


Your gig are ranking for certain keyword so if those keyword get edited you could lose huge ranking


It can also move your gig up in the rankings not just down.


Everybuddy should editing there gigs 24 time a dey


I can confirm this. Mine went up after some improvements.


Editing every day is a bad idea, but editing occasionally to improve your gig is a good idea.

Apparently the gig may take up to 48 hours to refresh into the search engine, but once it’s done that, if you’ve improved the gig as far as Fiverr’s unknown search algorithm of the day is concerned, it will go up. If you haven’t, it will go down. Having said that search ranking is random as far as I can see and you won’t know if your gig has moved as a result of your editing or something else.


i edit my gigs occasionally on the seo basis
any more suggestion @capitalquality

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I’m not sure what you’re asking but if you’re asking for editing tips, then I think it’s reasonable to assume that if Fiverr is promoting something - like packages, or adding videos to your gig description - then that might be something Fiverr has put in their search engine to give higher kudos to gigs that are doing what they want.

We are all little puppies in training and good behaviour will be rewarded.


I did the same on 1 gig too and I can notice the difference


Editing your gig isn’t automatically bad.

If you make effective changes and wise use of keywords, then you’ll get positive results…

if you make ineffective changes and poor use of keywords, then you’ll get negative results.

I’ve been selling on Fiverr for two years and I probably tweak something in my best-selling gig at least once a month. If you pay close attention, you’ll learn through trial and error what works and you’ll do more of it.


Speaking of keywords I read recently the algorithm has been changed to make it harder to manipulate the search results. Not sure in what way that means.


I think it doesn’t count only on Fiverr search engine. Once, a buyer told me in the messages that he found me through Google search. Man, what’re the odds?!


Fiverr runs ads on Google so if you search on your fiverr name you will probably see an ad from fiverr, or at least I see them for my name.

Hello there,
after you update gig fiverr takes time to review gig then it place your gig as it was .
but dont change your profile picture and and gig banner very often.

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Hi There,
Yes it does effect you gig. A minor update on your gig can remove you from search for 12-48 hours. I have personally experienced this and confirmed with customer support. I will suggest you to come up with a good gig copy, pricing and requirement at once. Though, there is no limit on editing gig, but it certainly removes you from search for minimum 12 hours.


I also need good answer for this. Gig pricing area change is going to effect for gig?

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