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Does editing your gig really effect rankings?

Does editing your gig actually effect it? I need to edit mine but just was very curious on whether or not this was false or not


If you edit your gig correctly and accordingly then there will be no bad effect but a really good effect.
Secondly your gig may hide from search results after editing, for 24 hrs or may be 48 hrs which results in decreasing impressions etc. But’s that’s normal don’t worry about it. Just edit your gig perfectly and wait for few days you will surely see good results.

Best of luck! :+1::sunglasses:


Great thank you very much!


Thanks for your nice advice.


I had the same problem, here are the answers I got (Hope this helps you :slightly_smiling_face:)
Does updating a gig affect it’s SERP position?

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Thanks, Very informative reply. Specially the 3rd point. I also personally believe that keyword density should maintain. At least 3 times i think perfect.

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Thanks, man! Very Helpful :smiley:

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