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Does every new seller start out with a "logo" gig?

Today 37,000 gigs are offered for “logos” (Actually 38,500. It changed in a couple of hours.) . If I’m not mistaken, when I looked at it last week, it was 30,000. Which means there are 8500 new logo gigs in 1 week. Does everyone new on Fiverr start out with a logo gig?

If graphic designers would start with something like “banner ads”, There might be more traction. There is only around 600 gigs offering banner ads. And banner ads should result in more repeat customers than logo gigs.

I don’t have a logo gig. Does someone have the 30 days stats for impressions for “logo”? this might give an insight into the demand side?

I did not start with a logo gig. Thanks for the tip about web banner AD design. I will look at it:)

i am internet marketing expert and i did not start with logo or any graphics gig, BUT in-future i will definitely try :slight_smile:

Reply to @silberma1976: I think that’s exactly it. Services which often have accessible software or components seem to be very popular - like the ebooks, albums covers, logos etc.

I have a logo design gig but it isn’t based on such software. This is a mixed bag for me. On the down side, it waters down my service. On the plus side, a lot of the services using free stock images and other icons all look the same, eventually drawing more clients to me.