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Does Exchanging clicks and saves for your gigs in Facebook groups really help?

Hello, I have recently been checking out ways on how to increase sales in my gigs.

I have recently found that there are many groups on Facebook that are specifically for Fiverr gig promotion that have posts like:

“Fav my gig and I will fav yours”, “let’s exchange gig Favs and Clicks”, “fave my gig, send a screenshot and I will do the same” and many others.

I am sceptical :face_with_raised_eyebrow: about how having other SELLERS (not buyers, sellers who are not going to buy your product) to click on your gigs and save it is supposed to help you in getting more orders?

And I think that goes against Fiverr’s TOS as well?

I am really confused :thinking:


Very important question. I also want to know.

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No, it does not help. The favorite feature is created as a bookmark or wishlist for buyers. Having a lot of people favorite your gig without having any interest in ever purchasing it is not going to help you.

Fiverr is not some game or get-rich-quick scheme where you can find a flaw to exploit to gain more sales. It is a business marketplace, so you have to offer something that buyers would like to buy and use effective marketing techniques to attract them.


Yes, this will help.

this will help to make the seller feel good when they see a lot of people “ liking” their gig.
They will feel better :joy:

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I’d say stay away from those Facebook pages.
I’ve seen worse ones where people are selling accounts and fake reviews.

If you have a lot of followers or has friends with a lot of followers promoting your gig on
Facebook might help. Might.


Fiverr isn’t going to prioritize sellers in the ranking based on silly tricks they play to game the system.

No this is not an important question because it would make zero sense for Fiverr to support this:

No buyer buys something because you got “Favs and Clicks” They buy it because it’s a good fit for their needs and because your talent stands out.

Weird concept? It shouldn’t be.

People would sell a lot better if they learned how business worked instead of tried to find stupid tricks to game the system. Stop thinking that stupid tricks like this will help you overcome being superfluous and out of demand in the market. They won’t.

No it doesn’t help. Fiverr doesn’t reward people for trying to game the system. Fiverr supports things that benefit their business.

Would you buy something just because it got a lot of Likes? I hope not.


This isn’t YouTube or Instagram, only you see your impressions and clicks so it’s not like this is going to convert into sales, and saves are just bookmarks, this is the funniest post I’ve ever seen.

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It is not funny. What I was asking was: Can getting more clicks by other people make fiverr show it to more people and hopefully, showing it to potential buyers?

Hope you understand what I am trying to say.

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We understand. We’re saying it would make no sense to rank people that way.

Likes and bookmarks aren’t markers of buyer demand and as you say yourself they can be acquired artificially through Like and click exchange, which is deceptive.

Fiverr isn’t going to support you deceiving people into thinking you have buyer interest when it’s actually fellow sellers exchanging Likes and clicks.

It’s deeply concerning that you don’t understand how deceptive and nonsensical these practices are. Why not focus on building a stronger business instead of playing tricks?

I am no expert but i think this practice can actually hurt your ranking instead of benefiting you. Think of it this way, if you get a lot of clicks on your gig but no actual sale, the system will think you have a poorly developed gig with low conversion rate and push you down the ranking.

I know i will stay clear of such things. Its unethical anyway.


Great insight. This wouldn’t surprise me. Fiverr isn’t going to support something that evidently isnt suitable for anyone who clicks on it. It makes you look like your gig puts people off, so they aren’t going to reward you for that.

And they also probably penalize fraud and artificial clicks and links is a kind of fraud.


Thanks a lot for all of your suggestions and insights.

I will do some of the things that you suggested.

Thanks a lot to all of you for spending your time answering my question :blush:

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