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Does extending delivery impact the profile?

I am new to Fiverr and currently I have an order in which the client has to provide further information. I have requested an extension of order because he didn’t provide enough information. If he agrees extending the delivery, will my profile get affected?

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It shouldn’t. It would only affect your profile if it runs late and the person does not agree to the resolution of extension.



That is why “Requirements” section on your gig exists. To stop that from happening again, add all requirements on your gig that a buyer should give you before you start working.

If you have a buyer that wants a custom offer, firstly get all information from them that you need and afterwards give a custom offer.

No worries, it wouldn’t affect your profile. Plus, it’s good to communicate with your buyers if there is any rising issue regarding the order.

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It shouldn’t, as GG said, but nobody can guarantee you that it doesn’t. There are the obvious factors that do affect your profile, like order completion rate, etc., and there are unknown factors, and this might be among them. However, I wouldn’t worry about that but only about getting the information you need and providing excellent work.

It would not affect your profile. To prevent that to happen use requirements wisely and/or discuss all the details of the client project if he send you a message first. Wish you all the best. :slight_smile:

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As @vepthy indicated - “requirements” is useful to prevent this. Make answers mandatory.

Although, that doesn’t always work either. I had a buyer recently who used the requirement box for access details to add extra requirements to the order :woman_facepalming:

“Mandatory” just requires them to put something in the box …

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Indeed, use Fiverr features for your advantage to make your life easier.

The person is not active for a day and it had run late :sob: :sob: . If the person accepts now,will the late delivery impact the profile?