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Does facial hair increase sales?

A wise man told me my facial hair would bring me great success.
Now I’m no expert, but I think there were some porky pies in what he was saying.

Can anyone confirm or deny this phenomenon?


your good work bring sales

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I’ve found having no facial hair is definitely an advantage, but that’s to be expected because I’m female.

I’m not sure what your fellow chaps would say! :grinning:


It totally does. That’s why my logo is covered in facial hair :grin:


But does good work + a goatee = top rated seller?


May be he was referring to you being getting old and wiser. Just the same way we call the last teeth as wisdom teeth because they appear at a more older age than the other ones.
Does it make sense? :thinking:


i don’t think so because there is alot of top rated sellers use only their logo

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Good question, come to think of it i normally shave twice a week but some time ago i was to busy and didn’t shave for a week. At the end of the week before shaving i got a big offline gig with a 1 year contract. Also got a few smaller jobs during my furry week.

Maybe he was on to something after all.


You’re missing the point here.

Above is a Top Rated Seller’s logo I just picked off of Fiverr. Would changing it to look like it does below increase sales?


My Gran used to say that eating my bread crusts would put hairs on my chest. Love her as I did, I’ve since discovered that my Nan was quite possibly a malignant sociopath.

Starting in 2012, I ate my bread crusts with every sandwich, hoping to achieve the same sexy rugged good looks as Burt Reynolds. The result? MALE PATTERN BALDNESS.

Take a lesson from me, when a wise old person tells you anything about hair, they’re lying.

The best thing you can do when this happens is step away from the person in question and if possible, arrange for them to be interred into some kind of sheltered housing facility where they can’t spread any more insidious hair lies.


Yes, I believe it is true.
Im clean shaven but got a beard photoshopped on (only $5) when I started and was not getting any sales.
Now I have so many sales that I feel I have to get it photoshopped again, perhaps to a half beard or Royale beard to cut down my sales volume. Apparently the number of sales is in direct proportion to the size of beard but I am not sure about that - its seems a bit far-fetched.


Or, it could be that people like your dogs. If you photoshopped one of them out, your sales could decrease by 50%. If you need a break, photoshop both out. :grinning:


If I can find any sort of conclusive evidence for that, I will set up a gig in which I photoshop beards onto the males and females of Fiverr, with the promise of upping sales.

I will photoshop stubble onto your face to increase sales by 25% ($5)

I will photoshop a thick, chiseled beard onto your face to increase sales by 200% ($30)

I will turn you into a beard, giving you the ability to choose when someone buys your gig ($100)


If the guys using pretty women or stock photos had any sense they would use an image of Hagrid from Harry Potter (not any of the other Hagrids that are well-known).


Actually yeah, the dogs increase the total amount of facial hair in my picture don’t they?
I got a $300 sale because of the dogs - it was translating some dog related material and they caught the buyer’s eye!
See? That’s proof.


I’ve read on the forums that a method of cancelling without any consequences, is to remove all traces of dog from your gigs and explain to customer support about how the customer refused to work with you afterwards


I would honestly order from this guy if he had a beard on his logo. I’m being very serious, the beard is extremely convincing.


Yeah, and the gig-package is very convincing too, I only see one tiny problem, the Premium would have to go to a different category than the other two, unless you turn the turn into a photoshop.


Haven’t much to say except that I haven’t stopped laughing since starting to read this topic! :laughing:


Facial Hair = Increased Laughter