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Does "failed to deliver in time" appear automatically?



I am just curious about this: Let’s say I order an Express Gig and leave for holiday without internet. In the mean time, the seller doesn’t deliver the gig in the time he claimed - but I am not able to flag it as late on delivery. Will the system do it instead of me? How long does it take?


The system knows when it is late or not, because there is a countdown. But no actions will be taken without you. At least that’s how I think it works.

I hope you wouldn’t penalize the seller for late delivery if you didn’t even really need it right away. That would be unnecessarily cold.


It’s not automatic exactly. It happens when the buyer cancels the order. Fiverr lets that happen either 24 hours after or 1 second after if it’s an express gig.


It is automatic. I’ve discussed this with Fiverr support. Sometime last year, a client wanted me to trickle their order in over a week instead of my usual 24 hours. So, not knowing any better I didn’t mark the order as complete, and the system gave me a negative thumb and bad feedback automatically. Customer support removed it for me after contacting the buyer… Anyway…

If the buyer doesn’t mark the order as complete within (I believe it’s 3 days) past the deadline the system puts a negative thumb and the feedback says: "Cancelled order, seller failed to deliver in time).

The negative thumb and the feedback are automatic, not user generated.

Keep in mind, this only happens if you don’t mark the order as completed. It doesn’t happen if you mark as complete. If you do that then the buyer has the feedback options.

So. Don’t let an order go 3 days without marking as complete. Even if you talk about it with the buyer. If you and the buyer have an agreement, you still need to mark it as complete or the Fiverr system takes over.


That happens when a buyer does not give negative feedback and the order was not marked delivered. It’s a good way to make Fiverr stay on its toes.