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Does FAQ important for a gig rank?

Anyone please answer this question, Does FAQ important for improving gig rank?

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Yes It is very Important

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I think to add FAQ under your Gig description is mostly important becuase it can save you much-much time!

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Maybe indirectly. An FAQ section can help answer buyers’ questions. This can make your Gig look more appealing and help you to make sales.

I’m not sure Fiverr is interested in FAQs for the sake of them, though. It would be a very arbitrary criterion by which to rank Gigs. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Gig description is limited to X quantity of characters so, eventually, not everything you would like to say will fit in there.

FAQ is not a metric, it’s a tool intended for clearing doubts or reinforcing statements.

By itself, FAQ won’t serve the purpose of ranking. Nonetheless, as stated by @ahmwritingco, it might indirectly help you in getting sales, what in turn, will help rank your Gig(s) if, and only if, you provide and deliver on-time high-quality service.


Hi, as SEO expert I can say that FAQ is important as much as SEO title, description and tags of your gigs :slight_smile: So use it with SEO keywords and expect better rankings vs your competitors.


Have you noticed the text in FAQs increasing the rank of gigs on Fiverr (after controlling for the effects of other variables)?

Really if Fiverr is using the FAQ as one of the parameters to rank a gig in search results, it’s not necessarily a good idea for some FAQs. eg. if a seller sometimes gets asked “do/can you do x in this gig” and the seller says they don’t, if they create an FAQ for that (with the answer saying they don’t), that might make the gig get found more easily (show higher in search results when searing for x) when it shouldn’t, because the seller doesn’t do that in that gig.

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Thats how SEO works, it tricky.

But Fiverr doesn’t necessarily incorporate every field in their search engine rank algorithm. And not every field is likely to be as important as another (I’d guess the gig title would be one of the most important).

Surely, unless they’ve documented it somewhere or someone has run an analysis/tests of it, only Fiverr themselves are likely to know exactly what Fiverr’s algorithm for it takes into account and what weights it gives to each parameter.

Remember that algorithme are machines. They are not humans, they do mistakes but humans (I mean fiverr) should do their best to constantly improve them.

I think that fiverr description should be most important because title is too short and have less keyword which help algorithm to understand.

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Anyway, my multiple gigs are on the first page when I’m online and 1 is on second page when I’m offline.

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Though I still think Fiverr will likely give more importance to words in the title as that should be what the gig is about (more important than the same word from the title appearing just somewhere in the gig description. Though like it says below it will be best for them to be consistent/in both I think).

This is something Fiverr says about it:

Using a consistent keyword in your Gig title, description and tags will help improve your search ranking on Fiverr

They don’t mention the FAQ there though.

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So FAQ’s should be non indexed, only to provide information to client.


Yes, they don’t but i think it does use SEO anyway. This is my opinion. I use title keywords consistently in my below texts. :slight_smile:

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Is my opinion Short title, seo tag, description, keyword is more important for gig rank.

Thanks for your Important Questions.


Yes, this is 90% text of all gig :slight_smile: Yesx short titles tends to have more conversions.