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Does favorite exchange really work?

Does favorite exchange really work? Like those groups on Facebook, where people include your gig in their favorites and post a screenshot that they did it


If it ends up that somebody buys your gig then yes it works, otherwise no it doesn’t. :wink:


People do a lot of stuff through Facebook groups, like review exchange (and then get banned for that one).

Favorites are just bookmarks, so those who are interested in your gig can easily find it. It doesn’t help you in any way if people who have zero interest in buying your gig favorite it.


I didn’t know you can get banned for that, but thanks for information. I heard that you can get clicks and impressions through that though


No, you can get banned for review exchange, not favorite exchange.

Favorite exchange does nothing, so it’s not strictly forbidden, it’s just useless.

As for the clicks and views you’d get (probably just from those who favorite your gigs), if they don’t result in sales (and they won’t, because those people don’t want to buy from you), your conversion rate will drop, and then your gig ranking might drop, too.

Getting clicks and views without actually making sales is more likely to hurt your business than help you.


Does favorite exchange really work?

Nah, it’s a joke! :black_joker:

I only favorite gigs that are useful to moi. In other words, I :heart: fave them to buy later.
Exchanging gig faves are just silly and serve ZERO purposes.


Yes…, totally agree.
So much favorite with zero order? People will start questioning your gig… “Something is off here”


I am totally agree it really does nothing.


It does noting i only favorite those that i really like their gig and at future i want to use there services,

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I think it’s helpful for Fiverr search ranking

No it isn’t. Fiverr doesn’t reward people for getting bookmarked.

And considering how many sellers trade Gig Favorites because they think it will help them, naturally Fiverr isn’t going to enable people the system.

It’s not helpful to guess something may affect ranking, especially if it’s not rooted in how sales works.