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Does "Featured" or "5r choice" or Page 1 make a difference

I didn’t think it mattered, but what do I know, I don’t sell here. I like to know from those of you who have been “Featured” or “Fiverr Choice” - - did it make a difference on your sales?

I wonder if buyers think that since 5r is recommending the seller, they are somehow taking at least partial responsibility for the quality of delivery? What do you think?

Also, does being on Page 1 make a difference in the number of orders you get?

    • Yes, being on Page 1 increases sales
    • No, being on Page 1 makes little difference in sales
    • Yes, getting Featured or 5r Choice badge increases my sales
    • No, getting Featured or 5r Choice badge makes little difference in sales
    • Somewhat, Featured or 5r Choice only makes a difference because it’s on page 1

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I’m also interested in this. I’m not so sure. I know I often appear on page 1 in my category when I’m on Available Now but there’s not much difference in the sales. Actually most of my sales seem to happen OFF available now.
And I don’t believe I show up on the first page.

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That’s because this is not available for everyone to see. As an example, I am not able to see it yet.

I’ve been wanting to use the feature since it’s been introduced but since that icon is not available to me, I can not see or hire anyone that has it on. //If you had the feature on now, I wouldn’t been able to see it, hence wouldn’t be hiring you NOW.//

Here is a screen capture I just did for article writers. NO A.N. feature


That makes sense. As it still is in the beta. So really I don’t know if the first page makes a difference (i’ll keep checking this poll now) because only some people can see it , it must be the keywords that buyers find me.

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In my case getting featured did increase my sales. When a user fills out my gig requirements they are asked an optional question why did they choose me and quite a few have mentioned that the featured badge matters as they trust Fiverr recommendations. If you’re a newbie it’s difficult to filter out scammers, so every bit of additional info helps. Buyers don’t necessarily know why some of the gigs get featured, but some buyers do see it as a trust symbol.

The same goes for PRO badge. One of the reasons why buyers are willing to pay more is because they know that Fiverr has done the vetting process. It’s a factor especially if you’ve been burned a couple of times before.

Of course. When I’m looking for a gig then I first set my filters and then check the top 20-30 gigs presented to me. I hardly ever go past the 2nd page in search.


I rarely go past the 3rd page, so I can see that, on relevant & new.

I’ve been here for a while and I’ve had great reviews etc but I think I’ve never been featured before. (unless I got a hey your gig is featured congrats message from Fiverr and I totally missed it)
To be honest I don’t really want to be because I get the feeling I might be getting too many orders and that will effect my other main job. (I once saw a featured illustrator with 26 pending gigs, that’s too much for me!)
On the other hand, I do think being on page 1 does help a lot.
I have the TRS badge and the reviews and I’d like to believe that helps a lot too, but I’m not sure if the buyers are willing to click and look through every single page. If I was a buyer, I think I’ll just look at the first 2 pages and click on the ones with good reviews and go from there.
If it was for example a voice over/singing gig, I’m sure I’ll look at every single video to find the one I like the most, for that one the page placement doesn’t matter.

But yeah, I think page 1 does help big time.
I think it also makes you/your gig look good. It’s the “oh wow, this person appeared on the first page!” effect. :star_struck: