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Does Fiver research infringement claims?

One improvement I suggest, is for fiverr to add a phone number for seller support or a better method of communicating before they deny a gig that has been active for months based on a third party claiming that what I had infringed… here’s the funny part. The art was owned by me, the trademark of the company is owned by me, and my company is owned by me… I do not understand how I could be infringing on my own intellectual property…


  1. get a phone number
  2. get better service
  3. research before going about on any decision
  4. Contact the seller before decision with at least a 3 day wait.
  5. treat your sellers better. They get you money, whether you forget how your site gains it’s revenue or not. We make Fiverr successful. So offering better services to address issues will be a great start.

If anyone else has experienced this, and would like to inform me on how to go about fixing it or finding out who falsely complained about my intellectual property…I would be grateful to know.

Thank you


I am agree with you …

Could you please explain a little bit more? What were you selling, etc?

I’m selling a service to authors via my company’s email listing. When a
book is on sale and or in a 99 cent promotion. I reach out to my
subscribers in my twitter and website and get them aware of it. Once i do.
I reach out to everyone and see who has purchased it. I find out through my
affailiate as well. For my subsribers they get signed up every month for
cute prizes, simply by buying a book they like.

So i offer marketing, and confirmation as to who may have bought the book.

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Did you contact the customer support on Fiverr?

Yes i did. I am waiting for a response, but the way they went about it
without notice or an ability to contest the issue… is what felt

Don’t worry, it’s also in their interest, please update us with their reply here.

I’ve found your gig via Google cache. The FAQ mentions Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, buyers leaving reviews… After the Amazon lawsuit (Amazon sued 1,000+ because of paid reviews), Fiverr seems to remove all the gigs mentioning Amazon or reviews (unless the word ‘review’ is in a sentence like “I don’t write reviews”).

Mentioning Facebook and Twitter might also be a problem, because of all the folks who used to (and still do, until they get caught) sell likes, followers, and so on. “I will promote your stuff until you get so-and-so” became a way to avoid the deletion of the gig that was actually selling likes and followers, so Fiverr often removes those, too.

TL;DR version: way too many people were offering dishonest/forbidden services, Fiverr is trying to battle that, and sometimes sellers offering completely legitimate services suffer because of that.


The Amazon lawsuit has got Fiverr overcautious about anyone selling Amazon related services. It is only prudent that you don’t sell anything Amazon related here.

Oh wow, thank you very much for explaining that. In my service, i dont
offer any reviews, but i did mention the possibility of gaining reviews
from the real people i market the books to. However, my service was merely
marketing the book to my subscriber list and social media venues until
reaching a confirmed amount of sales that i verify via my affiliate link.
After reviewing my gig. Do you feel like cutting out that mention entirely
may help avoid issues like that?

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I just read your other message. Your right on that. Thank you for taking
the time and helping me understand the issues.

Yes, I would suggest that you don’t sell anything Amazon related here.

I’m not sure. Since mentioning Amazon, reviews, Facebook, and Twitter might all cause problems, perhaps the safest course of action is to contact Customer Support, explain the problem to them, and politely ask for their guidance when creating the gig for your service. That way, you’ll have a better idea about what is allowed in the description and the FAQ and what isn’t, and on top of that, if you get the confirmation from CS that your new gig is ok, you can save that confirmation as a screenshot and use it if there’s any trouble in the future.

Someone sent a false infringement report against me, but once they take it down, there is nothing you can do but to make a new one.

I see. Good to know. Thank you