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Does Fiverr accept Prepaid Visa cards or do they block them?

Trying to pay for a gig through PayPal. I keep getting this message “We couldn’t complete your purchase, because the card issuer declined the card…” Called the card services and they said it’s not on their end, but the site has blocked this particular card (prepaid cards I guess). Called PayPal, but they said it’s not on their end, it must be Fiverr and some sites don’t accept this form of payment.

I didn’t see anywhere on Fiverr where they stated this, please help if you can. Thanks.

Ok, so the card is a temporary card. They’re saying that’s the reason.

Fiverr accepts Paypal, as long as you link your Paypal to Fiverr work and valid credit card it should be fine. Other than that, I don’t know what the real issue it. It’s surely not Fiverr.

Good luck!

Specifically, does Fiverr use Prepaid Credit cards that are NOT hooked up to any bank account? thanks