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Does Fiverr Actually Act Upon Suggestions Made on the Forum?


So with the recent large-scale forum discussions, rants, and suggested improvements for what’s seemingly been the biggest update to come to this platform in awhile - a growing question has arisen at least in my mind and I believe others as well.

Is Fiverr (Developers and the company alike) open to constructive criticism. As amazing as it is that so many sellers have come together not only to simply ‘rant’ about the topic at hand but also contribute suggestions based on actual issues that this present update has . Will anything ever be acted upon, or will hundreds of suggestions go unnoticed.

Arguably it’d be a stretch to say that all suggestions are good for the platform or by any means constructive - But in large part there are a few that make complete sense and are affecting sellers negatively (e.g. Mutual Cancellations affecting your level when that’s a mutual experience shared between buyers and sellers and can occur for many different reasons that are often times uncontrollable).

Irrespective of whether anyone agrees or not with the example I’ve given. The question at hand is: Does Fiverr actually respond or act upon suggestions this community puts forth, or are we wasting our time?


Fiverr will do what Fiverr thinks is best for their business. I think it would be foolish to assume that they aren’t aware of the consequences those choices have on their sellers. They have statistics that we are not privy to, and I’m sure they are discussing ideas, and proceeding according to the best choices that improve their business, and raise their profit level – as any good business should do.

I think it’s also foolish to assume that just because we want cool new features, that Fiverr is going to implement them. Fiverr does not have to do what we – sellers – want them to do. Fiverr will do what is best for Fiverr, and we will have to work within the boundaries and rules that they set. That’s how Fiverr works.


Definitely - i equally also agree that from a business stand-point they’ll simply do what’s best. I’ve been more-so curious if they ever actually check the forum and see the suggestions being made, or if the staff ever actually interacts here or delves into the community to at least see the suggestions being made - there’s been a lot of frustration seemingly within the community and I’ve just been thinking whether it’s just a giant rant-fest or if anything is actually looked upon or considered (as there’s large circulating threads around the topic of improving where we’re at currently).


I would imagine, almost exclusively, that it’s just a “rant-fest”. Users need a place to rant, so that’s why we have the rant section of this forum. I doubt that Fiverr staff stops to read these rants – the have better things to do. I’m sure they get their “from the community” information via other channels.


Yes, we read almost all of the suggestions that pop up here on the forum! We don’t just offer this forum for fun and exciting conversations between buyers and sellers (and rants). Of course, there are a lot of considerations for “ideas”. Some are very user specific, but some also mirror our own observations of how you are using the service. Conversations here set a tone for recommendations and feedback about the platform.

I just checked my yearly stats and I viewed 3,572 posts in the last 6 months. Keep creating topics and comments, we’ll keep reading.



Thank you for confirming Fiverr’s level of participation here on the forum. It can be disheartening for some when there isn’t an “official” response to things buyers/sellers suggest here on the forums, but it is nice to know – “officially” – that you and others on staff are indeed reading and taking to heart the ideas discussed here.

Both as a long-time seller, and a former mod here on the forums, I (along with other “veteran” sellers) have been informing others that Fiverr staff don’t spend a lot of time on these forums (visual evidence of staff participation is, indeed, rare outside of staff-created announcement threads). It’s nice to have concrete clarification on the subject, thank you!


Does this mean that @prologo1 is finally gonna get his due credit for thinking up the idea for Pro? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cough Fix buyer requests Cough


We have a known buggy response rate.
Our response rate is one of the factors that can cause us to be demoted.
It was better when we could have our response rate corrected when it was a wrong number.

Now it takes 24 hours before it’s corrected.

Doesn’t it make sense to not let this time lag happen when it’s so crucial to an accurate level for sellers?

It might be a rare thing that it causes someone to mistakenly lose their level but it could happen. It seems like it’s important that those metrics that determine levels be accurate at all times.