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Does Fiverr allow this types of harmful Gigs?

I was checking my gig position. Suddenly I have seen that user gigs. He/She is using Fiverr to make money by doing harmful things for other. You can’t imagine. How many people are buying his/her gig? He/She has completed only 11 order & his pending order is 13 in that gig.

I have searched for “spam” keyword in Fiverr. As far as I have seen I have found only he is giving that service. Where other people gigs about stopping or removing spamming backlinks of Fiverr users websites.
Peoples are doing harmful things by him/her for their competitors. Isn’t that out of rules in Fiverr.
He has also another same gig like that one

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Report it to CS. They will have a look. I wouldn’t be surprised if they take it down


Don’t I have any permission to post others gigs screenshot or anything? or this kind of topics in the forum?
Thank You

As stated in the forum rules, you can’t name and shame other Fiverr users, either buyers or sellers. You can’t post screenshots that contain their usernames, or anything that would lead to an easy identification of that person.

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Oh. Thanks for your information.

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