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Does fiverr allow us to exchange gig for gig?

Hi bro and sis hustlers senior sellers,

I am actually looking to buy a logo design gig in exchange for my gig, instead of paying it.

Does fiverr allow us to do that?


What’s in it for Fiverr?
Serious answer: no.


Exactly. Fiverr would lose out on a lot of 20%'s if it allowed gig exchange!


You could technically do this, just in a slightly different way. Let’s say you wanted a gig worth $5, but you didn’t want to spend any money

  1. Sell 2 of your $5 gigs to a genuine buyer/s, just like any regular order.
  2. After the money has cleared, you’d have $8 in your account.
  3. Use that $8 to purchase the $5 gig that you need.

You’ve not had to use any of your own money, and you’ve got what you required!

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Read the ToS. It wouldn’t make sense for Fiverr to allow you to do this.

Fiverr is a marketplace, not a bartering system.


Those $8 are his own money :stuck_out_tongue:

True. My point was more that as it’s money that he’s earnt through completing jobs here on Fiverr, it’s not new money coming from his own pocket. The OP wanted to exchange one service for another, which is against the TOS… But technically, if you complete enough jobs here on Fiverr, nothing is to stop you from using that money to buy a service that you need.

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Thanks for all the replies bro n sis.

How about…

I buy your gigs and you buy mine? :smile::grin: It is against fiverr toc?

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The best thing for you to do is to ask fiverr support.

I think your “real” question here is, “is it ok to buy each other’s Gigs so we can leave glowing feedback for each other”.

If that is the case, no, you cannot manipulate the feedback system by “trading” Gig sales.

EARN your feedback the honest way - by selling to REAL buyers.


Haha you got me thanks sister. But I do need some services from other seller for my business too :slight_smile:

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