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Does Fiverr allow us to sell on other platforms

That is pretty much the question.


And how would Fiverr stop you?


You didn’t sign the exclusivity contract with fiverr when you signed up, didn you?


You can sell your service anywhere. No restrictions


you can sell other flattourm but you cant ask for outside payment when you get a order in fiverr


As long as I know, I found one marketplace like Fiverr, is allow our gigs on Fiverr to export on their platform


by banning me, that’s how :rofl:


No, they won’t do that.

Unless you try to get your Fiverr clients to buy from you on other platforms.


What if I provide a specific type of service on Fiverr, and a different kind of service in another platform, and a Fiverr customer comes to me asking about the service in the other platform, would it be illegal to redirect them?

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Yes, it would. It’s strictly forbidden to communicate with your Fiverr clients outside of Fiverr, let alone direct them to buy from you somewhere else.

Fiverr has the option of custom offers, so you can provide that other service through Fiverr.

I suggest you read Fiverr’s Terms of Service thoroughly.


The custom offers to need to be related to the gig, though. I meant like something unrelated.

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You can create a gig for custom projects, something like “I will work on a project we’ve discussed”, and put a really high price so nobody orders it by accident.

By the way, keep in mind that in conversations you have on Fiverr you’re not allowed to mention other platforms, so I’m not sure how this could happen in the first place:


No you’re fine. I have services on Upwork too. All the other freelancing platforms are garbage btw. Upwork is good and People Per Hour is usable but not very lucrative. Stay away from the others though, just full of scammers and garbage clients that pay you pennies.

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Fiverr is currently the only freelance platform I use.

However, Fiverr only provides me with about 30% of my monthly income (I am a full-time freelance web content/blog writer).

I get other business from my website.

I also work as a staff writer (under contract) at two US web content providers (both found me online).

What I am getting at is that (with some exceptions) it is very difficult to build a full-time freelance career by using just one source.

Plus, when you have multiple streams of income, if one slows down, it won’t hurt so much.

I should point out that I have been freelancing since 2014, full-time since 2016.

I hope this helps.


But not impossible. I make X3 as much on fiverr alone as I did in my full-time marketing job.


Totally possible, yes.

Not always possible depending on the type of service and the demand for that service.

As an aside, I can vouch for the freelancing life as I am like you…I make roughly 3x what I did in other Media positions since I became a full-time freelancer.

I just do not believe in putting all my eggs in one basket…hence the suggestion of multiple streams of income.

Good for you!

You found the happy medium.


Yes you’re right. Fiverr can go kaput at any point so you should always work on diversifying your income too. You should never rely on fiverr alone when you don’t have a back-up. I’ve had weeks where my gig has glitched out of search and if I hadn’t have had my safety net money saved up I’d have been screwed.

I’m working on a few projects for back-up cash currently. I’m just so busy with fiverr it’s hard to find the time so it’s like a catch 22.


Make another gig for the other thing. If you are trying to find a way to get customers out of fiverr- don’t :slight_smile:


As a Fiverr shareholder and fanboy, I beg to differ. Fiverr is not only the largest freelance platform, I is running circles around all of its competitors in the field. You are more likely to see other platforms being acquired by Fiverr in the future :slight_smile:

That being said, yeah, diversification of income sources is always something you should keep in mind as a freelancer.


By kaput I mean your profile can, not the site itself. Fiverrs going to be around for a long, long time. But you only have to look in the forums to see the hundreds of high-performing sellers that have had their gigs thrusted to the last pages forever. It could happen to you at any moment without reason and practically all your income would disappear instantly.

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