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Does Fiverr backup sellers if they don't want to issue a refund to an unpolite and unreasonable buyer?

Hi everyone,

How long does it take to Fiverr to solve an issue that Seller has with a Buyer? Does Fiver back up Sellers if they don’t want to issue a refund to a Buyer that received what they were promised through a gig, but that are still unreasonably unhappy?

I’ve always issued full refunds to clients that asked me for work that I noticed I wasn’t able to do. And if discussed fairly and politely, I don’t see any problem about that. But I am experiencing a terrible situation with a buyer, who’s unreasonable and unpolite.

Let me tell you more of my situation:
I had a specific request from a buyer and started working on a custom offer for him. The service that needed to be provided was simple, a high resolution half-tone image that would have followed an example picture he passed me.

Even though I’ve been sending him what requested, he got back to me angrily, accusing me of getting the image from goggle and threatening me that if I wouldn’t have passed the exact result he wanted, he would have applied for a refund. I tried to calm him down and asked him, politely, what needed to be changed from his point of view (as he had 1 revision included in my service) because I couldn’t see much difference with the reference image he gave me.

He wasn’t able to explain in detail and his comments looked too general (“do exactly as the picture I passed you”) I’ve been super present and understanding towards him, but he gives very less attention to what I say and clarifications I ask.

I’ve been polishing the image much more, by following my instinct as he can’t give me clear directions. I even gave him a 2nd free review as it’s something I do when there are issues. But he’s still asking for reviews (unpaid) and threatening me that if I don’t send him what he asked, he will cancel. Also, he’s now complainig on the price he paid… that it is “too high”, while it is not true.

Personally, from his attitude, I find that he wants to take advantage from my service, has already received what he needed but wants to get his money back from it. I also discovered that this buyer probably has fake info on his profile (fake photo, probably fake location and fake bachelor degree dated 2024?!!), I wished I would have seen this sooner so that I would have avoided offering him anything.

I contacted Fiverr, explained them the situation with screenshots of our conversation, my work and photoshop workspace (to show them that the work I’ve sent is authentically mine).

I’ve been waiting them since yesterday morning and am wondering how long will it take to take action on this situation… and if they will handle it fairly. I don’t want this buyer to get free work from me, especially for the way he acted towards me. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’ve had this too. Fact of the matter is, there are buyers like this out there. It is very frustrating!


Just out of curiosity: can you post his reference image and your work that you created? Maybe we will be able to tell you the differences

It looks like it takes fiverr some time to respond right now. It took them 2 days to reply on my ticket just a few days ago. And most likely they will come back with answer to try to resolve it with your buyer and they can’t push them to accept an order


Unrelated to the topic at hand, but your art is super good man. <3

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That’s why I NEVER accept the orders with the words “do exactly as…” Usually I recommend the buyers go and find the original artist and ask them about commission. This is just the type of clients (and sometimes, as bonus, they want to get the image of extra-professional level for $5, still remember that guy in buyers requests with Blizzard concept arts references asking for the same quality with $10 budget lol).

It’s really sad that you have such terrible experience, but I’m sure that you’ll get more nice, polite and grateful buyers in future. <3

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idk if they’ll be able to, as what constitutes as a “unpolite and unreasonable” buyer is subjective

Every time I complained about someone being rude or inappropriate, it led to fiverr resolving the situation by cancelling the order to free me from the experience. They were very nice and sort of had my back by not letting it affect the stats but I still lost time and a tiny bit of faith in humanity.

I’ve read about a few cases when an order was refunded but fiverr stepped in to compensate the seller so I suppose there is some hope.


I don’t know if this helps but this simple rule that I live by can save you a lot of unwanted Cortisol.
Never let ANYONE be personally offensive towards you. Once that line is crossed contact CS and walk away. That includes buyers calling your work inferior.
To answer your question - yes CS does act for sellers once things go south. But engaging with an angry buyer when not knowing quite what is really motivating them can be a problem. CS seems to look for any indication that your contact with the buyer is anything less than proffesional.
Stating your case in the simplest consice way seems to work for me.


This is startlingly good advice, Steve. I kind of want to print it out and hang it over my laptop. :slight_smile:

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I had a similar situation happen to me. Maybe this will help you. Here’s what happened:

A buyer put in the three orders on his own. Two for some editing, the other for copywriting. I went ahead and got the copywriting done since it was due first and these were decent sized orders. I delivered it a day early, just to make a good impression.

The buyer immediately asked to cancel the two editing orders he placed. I agreed, since I hadn’t done the work yet. After that, the buyer starts insulting the copywriting work I produced for him and demanding a refund. I offer to revise it, he said he already had someone else create what he needed so he wanted a refund. He sent several messages, each rather insulting, and kept demanding refunds when I tried to find a way to come to a compromise.

I decided to visit his website to figure out why he was so upset-- maybe if I could see what kind of content he was using, I could rewrite it to make him happy. That’s when I discovered he was using the content I created for him, even though he said it was terrible!

I responded to his most recent message with a link to his website and asking if it was his. He said it was. Then I posted screenshots of the content I created in use on his site and suggested that if it was good enough to be on his page, it was appropriate to ask him to pay for it. I told him we could always bring CS in if he wanted someone to mediate the dispute.

He sent a very amusing message the next day about how he talked with his business partners and felt it was best if he just accepted the order as is. Then he left me the most glowing review in the history of reviews. It was a really nice ending to an irritating situation.

I guess the morale of the story is, if you can catch this buyer with his hand in the cookie jar chances are good they will go away and scam someone else.


Honestly, the divert team should figure out a way to handle some of these fraudulent buyer’s.


I think if u want to work in fiver, u have to face some of this kind of buyer.but not all are like them they r very few.

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Nice story. Though I hope that embarrassing experience will lead to them just paying for the work they don’t want to or can’t do themselves next time instead of stealing the next best person’s cookies and time … you may say I’m a dreamer … or at least, while it’s not nice to steal over there either, try a cookie jar at a place that we shouldn’t mention here, so our forum’s Ranting Pot can increase its “days without rants” performance metrics. :wink:

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These are the same pics I sent to customer support to prove my point

I also think that the buyer is deceived by the preview image, as the original files are much bigger than the one from the examples. The funny thing is that I told him about looking at the picture at high resolution, as half tones tend to blur when the original image is decreased. But he doesn’t seem to understand, or he fakes to understand :expressionless:

Anyway, customer support told me that the only way to solve the situation is for the buyer and seller to come out with a mutual agreement… which is a bit of an inconvenience for me, when I speak to this specific buyer I feel as if I were speaking to a wall :frowning:

lol, why thank you so much! :heart:

The problem is that this guy contacted me directly and the type of images he was asking differ so much from my portfolio on Fiverr. As the work he asked for looked rather simple to make, I accepted to do it…
Probably I should have been more cautions? But I would have never expected him to reveal himself as this terrible guy I see now :sweat_smile:

It’s really sad that you have such terrible experience, but I’m sure that you’ll get more nice, polite and grateful buyers in future. <3

I do! Most of my clients are really nice and they really make my day when they express gratefulness of the work I’ve done for them!

I still lost time and a tiny bit of faith in humanity.

That’s exactly how I felt when this buyer “revealed” his angry nature to me! It made me feel doubtful of every request I was asked from buyers on Fiverr! Gladly, I’m having other nice buyers now who are lifting my mood back to what it was before him.

Every time I complained about someone being rude or inappropriate, it led to fiverr resolving the situation by cancelling the order to free me from the experience.

Were you still paid for the work you’ve done? Customer support told me, that even if I’m on the right, the order cannot be marked as complete and I can’t get paid for it.
The only way to solve this problem is to reach an agreement with the buyer, but I have a bad feeling that he doesn’t want to even arrive to a compromise. This buyer feels and talks as if Fiverr could constantly read our messages, see his threats and immediately refund him to avoid an unhappy customer.

I still am upset and discouraged from Fiverr’s lack of action, which seems unreal for me, because a seller’s decision is limited to their platform (for example, a seller can agree with the buyer to have 2 revisions in a gig but the buyer can still request for unlimited revisions… how do you solve that alone?)

So, this is making me reconsider using it as a main income stream.

No, I personally wasn’t paid for any canceled orders. They just say: “We can’t force a buyer to accept the delivery” and that’s it.

I’m resigned to the fact that if a buyer really, really wants to cancel the order and get a refund, they will. I use fiverr as the main source of income and I can honestly say situations like this are rare. If you set up your prices high enough, ask enough questions and your conduct is professional but strict, you can limit the number of potential scammers who are willing to mess with you and sometimes you can weed them out even before the order is placed just by the questions they ask and how they behave in general.

There is no 100% effective solution for unjust refunds, though.


It depends on each situation. I’ve been compensated by CS on any chargebacks although I don’t get many. I’ve been helped and supported 100% by customer support. It depends on the situation in each case as I said and my orders are basically problem free.


Never let ANYONE be personally offensive towards you.
I always reply in a firm and still polite tone to customers like these, there is no way that I will get down to their level, even if I feel that I would want to “pay them back in their own coin” I will still act as a professional. They can speak to me as offensively as they want, I don’t care as long as I’m in the right, people like these will always reveal how foolish they are.

To answer your question - yes CS does act for sellers once things go south.

CS seem to agree with me that I acted correctly and accordingly to what was asked, but said that they cannot do anything about it and that I need to arrive to a compromise with the buyer in order to solve this situation. I suggested 2 solutions to the buyer, but if he’ll still be acting unfairly with me and won’t want to cooperate, I hope that CS will REALLY take action to it.

These type of buyers are what scare away sellers from the platform and move elsewhere.
It feels surreal for me that Fiverr would not take action against situations like these.

Probably my approach is wrong and I should start acting angrily and threatening them online too? :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

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