Does Fiverr badges at forum is like the levels at fiverr?


I am loving the new fiverr Forum look…Every single option meant for something so what all of you think about the badges?

Does Fiverr badges at forum is like the levels at fiverr? is this anything to do with the sales? I know its a trust factor for forum but still will that anyway help us in our sales?

Previous fiverr forum was for interactions and sharing experiences…but the new fiverr forum features seems like it will highly help us on our sales and also help in advertising to great extend…What’s your take on it?


Here’s the info about the forum levels: Info about Forum Levels

As for whether the forum level will help you in sales, it’s hard to know, unless someone directly tells you that he or she bought from you because of your forum level.


@catwriter yeah i think you are right…may be my trust level on forum will help my buyers to trust on me regarding the project,…


It might, if buyers visit the forum (most of them don’t).


True…I must include a link of my forum profile after achieving a certain level on my gig description so that buyers can view my trust factor :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, yes, try to imagine that: a buyer checking out your forum level because it will prove to them that you know how to use Photoshop. :stuck_out_tongue:


No…Trust factor not as in… i know Photoshop or not…They can view my portfolio for that and still inbox me for work samples but that’s fine…I think the buyer will order …95% based on the factor that the seller will know the work or not …and 5% based on the sellers communication skills and active listening techniques…


True, but that 5% usually goes via the inbox. In all the time I have spent on Fiverr (1,000+ orders completed), there was one buyer who contacted me and bought from me because I have helped her on the forum.

Forum is great for many things (learning, getting advice, having fun), but I think it has very little to do with bringing you buyers directly.


yes i agree …its a great platform to learn and now when it is out of all spams i am loving to be here :slight_smile:


Most of the buyer never visit in here. They usually dont have idea About Forum .

So , Its really hard , But we are hopeful


You will get many buyers here who are sellers too at forum and and if you would like to work with them then it will definitely help!


@divyagoel You are right. I hope they will come to us.


@divyagoel The forum is based on the software from the company: Discource.

These are just features (Badges/Levels) designed to keep the users engaged and increase their involvement in the forum activity, nothing more. It has no connection or correlation with the main Fiverr platform.


I agree, it is difficult to see whether forum posting helps sales and I think in general it doesn’t have any effect. What I do think works for me is when I link my own informative forum posts on other sites such as Quora. People read my answer, follow my link to the forum and then go from there to my profile if my post has been useful to them. When I have posted a useful answer to a Fiverr related question on Quora I definitely see a correlation between the number of answer views and the number of gig views I get. Whether that translates to sales is less definite but it definitely brings people to the site, shows them I am relatively knowledgeable and helpful - which can’t be a bad thing. This may also only be related to writing, proofreading etc type gigs.


Overall i don’t think the trust factor on the forum is going to have much impact on buyers. Trust on the forum is more about your interactions with the community, and while that includes a tiny percentage of buyers, it is mostly sellers. The forum is like hanging out with your colleagues after work, or networking with people in your field.

While one category of the forum can be used for marketing, it was there on the old forum as well and generally did not do much to attract outside buyers. Marketing too heavily on the forum is just spam, and can even reduce your trust level. Your reviews on and your communications there will mean much more to buyers and will tell them about trust.


Great idea…really helpful…Thankyou


Yes…i agree…i am not marketing my gig here at forum … and don’t ever think so…i love to be here and communicate with the leaders…


That’s what I’m thinking as well…these badges are great way to reward forum users as they are great incentives. :smile: :sunny:


I have found several of my favorite and regular sellers from reading the forum. I don’t necessarily hire someone because they post often. I like to read what they have to say and the advice they give to others.

Matter of fact, one of my best sellers - I found her here because she responded to a post of mine. ** That reminds me, I need to order some gigs from her as a secret Xmas gifts to family **


Yes…I agree,…Hope sellers value their rewards…:slight_smile: