Does fiverr ban shared IP users?


Hey I’m new here. I got to know about fiverr only allow real IP user but I don’t have real IP provider in my area.Can anyone give me details about this issue??


@xx_akash_xx Hei man!
Don’t be worried! Real ip or share ip uses a common question of using fiverr. Real ip best for using fiverr. Share ip also favoure to use fiverr.
If you have no way to use real ip you can use share ip. Our south Asia maximum country people use share ip. To stop spamming and fake user fiverr authority encourage to use real ip. But share ip has no problem for the following conditions:

  1. If you not use share ip for spamming
  2. You can’t create another id or provide same service using share ip at fiverr
  3. Always keep in mind you can use one id at more devices, but you can’t use one device for more id::):slight_smile:
    If any information has any issue please reply anybody.


Thanks a ton :blue_heart: & one more question after som days I can able to shift in real IP. Is there any problem if I shift to Real IP after some days from the same account ??


Thanks for your reply. Feel relax::):fairy:
You are welcome at anywhere or any way to log in fiverr. Please read my 3condition carefully. You will find your answer.


Yeah. Thank you so much


no that is not a problem


i have used shared ip more than 2 year, but i always suggest to use real ip to avoid any misuse and to maintain your fiverr id always