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Does Fiverr Bank Transfer needs an account with payoneer?


Hi Friends, I am a citizen of India…I have applied for Local Bank transfer and it was successful. Now after earning some penny…today I withdraw as Bank Transfer. I received an email from payoneer that I have received an amount of $120 from fiverr. But I do not have any account with payoneer directly.

How would it work? Any suggestions are welcome. Have I done something wrong?


Check how your first local bank transfer was done when you got paid the first time from Fiverr.

Since one of the ways Payoneer seems to works by doing a local bank transfer, maybe when you did the transfer the first time an account was being created and you did not realize it.

Also, it doesn’t sound like Fiverr does direct bank transfers

but payoneer does do them.

So go back and look in your bank statements online, and any emails you got that day, at the first transfer to see if Payoneer is anywhere on it.

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