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Does Fiverr care about sellers? Let's find out

After 5 good years working on Fiverr. It’s time to leave this platform. Not because I get tired of this job and graphic design, No. I’m more skillful than ever been in my GD career and have more knowledge and skills than ever, and 99% of my ratings are above 4.9 stars.

But, Fiverr acting like they don’t care. So, they let a stupid algorithm decide who will get work here and who’s not. A badly written robot decides your fate and growth in this platform. A robot that doesn’t know your capabilities decide to hide your gig and let you hanging and jobless. Is this a humane way to treat your sellers Fiverr?

I have zero new messages for 3 months and CSupport insists, “everything’s ok”. :joy: I can’t even find my gig in search results.

Before you say, We are responsible to advertise our gig, please STOP.
If I should be responsible to make ads and pay for ads to bring people, why should I bring people to Fiverr and not creating my own business and bring these people to my business? Why should I pay 20% to fiverr if I’m responsible to bring new people in my gig? This is a joke and the CEO of this company need to change strategy before it’s too late.


After getting level, my gig losses rank :innocent:

I agree with you. I’m also thinking about Leaving this site!
They really don’t care how sellers like us how we are hardworking. I also don’t have a single new message for 2 months!
Why I’m paying 20% to Fiverr & why I did a lot of hard works like bringing traffics to Fiverr?
It’s time to start your own business!

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You are 100% right! And I’m so tired of the scammers getting free work for nothing. I wish Fiverr would back us up on that but they never do.