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Does Fiverr care about sellers?


I have put my time and effort to work, deliver the work as per requirement. Fiverr cancelled my order because the buyer doesn’t like it. Sellers’ work has no value. Fiverr only care about its’ commission. Fiverr is devaluing our work. It is an unethical place. I know after looking at this Fiverr will ban my account because they can’t take criticism. FO35C18DAAC1


Are you sure that’s the reason for the cancellation?

We all get frustrated and deal with situations that may seem unfair and out of out control. But contact customer support and see whats up. Make sure you understand what exactly happened. It could be a chargeback. There could be a terms of service violation. Try to just reel it in and seek information.


CS should listen to both party before cancelling the order.


If theres a terms of service violation, they will cancel the order without notice. If it’s a chargeback, they are forced to cancel the order whether they want to or not.

Make sure you get the real reason for the cancellation because it will help you avoid them in the future.


I am a VBA developer. The buyer had asked me to fixed two bugs. I fixed those. But, Buyer wishes to run away with work without paying.


Here, we have no control over our own earnings. You can lose it even after 4 months.


You’ve only been on Fiverr since November.

If the buyer’s done a PayPal chargeback, speak to CS - they might be able to help you.


Sorry this happened to you! Did they say any reason? Please tell us what the message was they gave you.


CS hasn’t contacted me before cancellation.


Then it must have been a Paypal chargeback. Fiverr has no control of those and we all get them sometimes. It is a fraud committed by the buyer.

Fiverr gets no commission either when this happens. You can check to see if the buyer’s account is gone, and if it is that means fiverr banned the buyer because of this.


This is against terms of service… you cant call out buyers “scam.png” :joy:


also his account is still there if you were able to take this screenshot… meaning it wasn’t a chargeback


Are you sure that this was cancelled and you never got any reason from CS?


Fiverr doesn’t care about sellers. Its only care about commissions. Sellers cannot depend on fiverr for his livelihood.


But fiverr did not get any commission when it cancelled this.

What did CS tell you for a reason?

Are you saying CS did not tell you anything at all or ask you anything before they cancelled the order?

Was it late?


CS has not tell me anything before cancellation.


If I don’t get the earning back, I will approach the government to ban Fiverr in my country. I will do anything stop these kinds of fraud/cheating/scam on the internet. Our time and effort has value.


Oh give it a break…
It happens, its not the end of the world.


yah bro.I agree with you.I had same sad. :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


A minor underestimate can destroy big kingdoms. Fiverr should not underestimate sellers to grow in future.