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Does Fiverr care about their customers or the money?

It’s been 7 days since I reported a seller for threatening to take down my site if I do not pay directly to Paynoor. I’ve reported the messages, the screenshots of the messages, and his profile. Nothing. I rather leave 150 in escrow or received chocolate tokens than to have the seller receive a swift smell of 1 copper penny.

My problem is why have this happen to someone else? (The sellers don’t make Fiverr money, the buyers do.) CORRECTION: It is about SCAMMERS. Our dreams and goals are put on hold because a company we trust to connect business owners with freelances are not putting the buyers first nor going by their own guidelines they set for us. I’m going to have to find a different site.

Please share your experiences because I’m going to the media outlets with this. This company started in 2010 I’ve been here from the beginning and I’m just appalled at this moment and the past 7 days.


Did you set up a Fiverr order to handle this transaction? If so request to have it canceled, then change the password to your site.


I sent a request 7 days ago.

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:pray:t5: Thanks for posting


Yes, Fiverr does care about their customers money.


Yes, they definitely care about the customers money because eventually its theirs. But do they are about the needs and safety or the customer?

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I understand its a pandemic but business is business. Its been a pandemic all year and they haven’t organized anything? Thats not how a business let alone, a world-wide business should run.

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Oh my, did you open 6 different tickets for the same problem?
:grimacing: that actually might be the problem. Their responses are already delayed due to pandemic and shortage of staff and opening each new ticket only slows down it even more


Same problem in different categories.

The seller wanted direct payments- To Cancel Order

SELLER IS THREATENING MY SITE- That’s the day he threatened to take down my site and I freaked out

HELLO- Follow-up Because support (Nick) closed :point_up:t5: the one above and I saw them looking into my cancel request but no response.

Why am I unable to send a follow-up? Follow up to HELLO because support (Nick) solved without an explanation.

Seller threaten to take my site down if I don’t pay directly To report the fraud

Illegal Activities To report the fraud

When you report a TOS violation is shows as a separate ticket each.

Well, not sure why it needs 6 tickets though, that might indeed have slowed down things, respectively cost your tickets some spots in the support queue.

I’d choose the category that covers the worst thing/s (that would be ToS violation for both threatening to take down your site, and demanding direct payment, and whatever else the seller may have done that’s against Tos; that doesn’t need a separate report for every separate ToS violation IMO, should be far better if that’s all under the same ticket, so the same agent can see everything at one glance), and since it’s about the same order # and seller, I’d put all the “minor things” like wanting to cancel and be refunded in there as well, so the same person will look into it and treat it as “one case”, which it is, after all, even if there are different aspects.

I’d assume that ToS violations category has more priority in the support queue too, so it would make sense to use that for your case, especially as the “threatened to take down my site and I freaked out” bit is urgent (but, yes, that’s not something Fiverr can actively do anything against, you should change your password, so the seller won’t have access, for a bit more peace of mind, and Fiverr can take action on their part by suspending the seller).

Personally, I’d close all not so relevant tickets myself now, if any are still open, and just use the most relevant one, and update that 1 ticket with other relevant info regarding that same order and seller that may be spread over the other tickets, so they have anything of importance, and anything you want from them in the same place.

Then, you can either be patient (but remember to change your site’s password if you haven’t yet!), or you can try what apparently some people do, send a direct email to support with the ticket number (the one of the remaining 1 ticket), or tweet them and ask them to look into your case because it’s urgent. I don’t know in how far that will help, because probably everyone says it’s urgent, but probably not everyone contacts them outside of the ticket system, so maybe it can speed things up a little.

A calm tone and an as precise but as short as possible account of things, while not leaving out anything important, and attaching any relevant “proof” (screenshots) should help.


Whoa , who would do such nonsense thing to a valuable customer!!

I don’t think you are following the timeline.

7 days ago I wanted to cancel. (1ticket)
4 Days ago he is threatening my site, I also reported all messages in the inbox using the flag button (1 ticket)
2 Days ago I saw activity from CS and no response so I contacted CS in a follow-up not a request (2 ticket)
Today I reported 2 TOS Violations (2 tickets, 1 each)

I didn’t send 6 tickets to send 6 tickets. I even said I didn’t want to send another request because I didn’t want to lose my spot. But when I saw activity from CS and no response I’m definitely going to question why.

I wasn’t asking Fiverr to help with my website, I know how to handle my site.

The fact that buyers trust and give information to sellers and then to be threatened is unspeakable and is a very serious crime. How do I not know he’s selling my information or put a bug in my site? It goes beyond changing passwords.

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Also, I am unable to cancel tickets on my own.

I’m a Fiverr seller from August 2014. I can endorse that, Fiverr is a highly buyer friendly marketplace and they care more than enough.


Yes. Well, that were exactly my points, Fiverr can only but can do something about the seller, for example, ban them for their ToS violations, and it’s better to simply stick to 1 ticket and add to that, instead of opening new tickets; and since you don’t know what the seller can do or did do, there’s not much you yourself can do apart from changing your password, you also didn’t reply to the seller who suggested it, so we had no way of knowing if you had or not, there are people who don’t even think of that if they are in panic.
Anyway, do what you think is best. Good luck.

I’ve always been able to close tickets on my own, once I was satisfied with the solution, or it wasn’t relevant anymore, maybe you missed the option.


This is absolute BS. Ultimately both make Fiverr money, but if anything, sellers make the money, because sellers produce the product that is for sale, and on which Fiverr takes commission. Money comes from production, and the sellers are the ones actually producing something. If there were no sellers, Fiverr would make 0 because it would have nothing to sell. That sentence alone was incredibly disrespectful.


The monies placed on the website come from the buyers, not sellers. Yes, sellers provide the service and Fiverr provides the platform. But to keep monies coming in you have to protect the BUYER. I’ll be an entitled POS thank you very much and I hope you will be a billionaire one day. :kissing_heart: