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Does Fiverr care about their customers or the money?

See what I mean about pointless? What billions? Wth are you even talking about?

Translation: Im done chatting with you.

That’s a weird translation indeed. Seeing as you’ve mentioned the “billions” twice, yet kept talking. Fishy fishy.

It is my topic :face_with_monocle:

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@ap0622 I can fully understand you. I hope you will get a feedback from the CS as soon as possible. I’m not laying such minor things in your words because I’m sure you realized that it’s not about buyers or seller, but about scammers. I wish you all the best and hope your problem will be solved soon. Be patience. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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THANK YOU :sob: :sneezing_face:

I know you think it’s logical to open new tickets for each problem but not on fiverr.
I’m sure that it definitely slowed down the process massively.
Duplicated tickets are Getting just closed and it seems that what Nick did.
There is a “follow up” button right in the ticket which will just reopen the ticket and will not create a new topic as in your case.

There is indeed no option to close down remaining tickets before CS will reply on them. What’s done that’s done, now you will just need to wait for support to answer on your ticket.
Showing “activity” on your gig doesn’t mean that they will reply to you right away, in your situation they might’ve passed information to trust and safety team for investigation and it also takes time before they can respond to you.

Just be patient and don’t open new tickets anymore because it will slow down the process even more.

Let me know if you got refunded, cause I haven’t either. This seller insulted me, calling me uneducated & stuff. I was very respectful to him.


Going on Day 9. I will let you know. DO NOT let the order go to complete. Reject the order every 2 days.

It would appear not.

Now the seller wants to apologize after 10 days :joy: and want to settle it between us. Just cancel the order. Why isn’t there an emoji pulling hair out?

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