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Does fiverr care?

Hello everybody,

I’m more than seven years user on fiverr, I used to work here good and honestly I was very satisfied from fiverr,. Then I had to stop with work as freelancer from justified reasons and that’s where I never ever had any order no matter how many times I tried to make good gig stay awake for whole night to make it perfect, working on my portfolio, sending offers to buyers. But as you know there wasn’t single order and I lost hope, no matter that i was Level 2 seller. Of course there wasnt order and i forgot about fiverr and when I didn’t expect any order there were 2 orders from some of my old customers here but of course i didn’t even saw the orders and negative feedback was added automatically.

I tried three or four times to make new gigs and guess what, NOTHING! You couldn’t even find my gig, Even I myself couldn’t find it anywhere in its category. So how can I get order how will someone see my gig and maybe make any order?

My question and point here is. Does even fiverr care anymore if some make new gig no matter if Iam old coming back user or just new user. So do you care fiverr? My gig couldn’t be even googled if you wrote the whole title.

Or only the already existing gigs will be at the top of the category and there will be no change. Only the same people will get orders and no one care about the new ones?

I think the problem is that logo design is an over-saturated gig on Fiverr. Currently, there are 70,803 logo design gigs. Possibly when you started in 2012, there were fewer gigs of this type. :thinking:


You might not want to hear this, but it is not Fiverr’s responsibility to promote your gig, and ensure that you get sales. That’s YOUR responsibility. What have YOU been doing to help people find your gig?

You can market and promote your gig, take out targeted ads on Facebook or other social media platforms, blog about your gig, make it part of a helpful strategy on other forums, run ads in newspapers, start a promotional Youtube channel… there are lots of things you can do with the goal of earning more orders.

Don’t expect Fiverr to make it happen for you. That’s not Fiverr’s job. If you want customers, Fiverr wants you to learn how to reach out and connect to those customers on your own. Those are YOUR gigs, after all.

I can assure you, established sellers are not the only sellers with gigs at the top of search results. The established sellers that you see there, though, are there because they have been taking actions to be worthy of being listed at the top of those search results.

Any seller can gain sales. But it’s not going to happen for the sellers that just sit back and complain about the other sellers who are TAKING ACTION to be worthy of sales. If you want sales, take action and make it happen.


Really man, I 5 years here reading your posts and you’re always support Fiverr… Are you serious??
We paying 20% of our sales to Fiverr and WE are responsible to pay for ads??? Are you listening to yourself?

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