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Does Fiverr continue to take fees after a completed order?

Hi All,

Just asking this question because my balance seems to be constantly going down. It is only by a very small amount - only a few cents. But is this normal?

The 20% sellers fee has already been taken when the orders were placed - that’s another issue for another conversation!

But just want to see if there is a fee for keeping your account? Or keeping money in your account without withdrawing it maybe? I haven’t withdrawn yet as I have another very large order pending clearing so I will withdraw all together.

It’s interesting to know why this is, let’s say I lose internet connection, or decide to go travelling for a while or generally can’t make a withdrawal - does that mean my balance will keep going down?

What is this???


Balance goes down while Withdrawal increase as that amount gets added in Withdrawal. Apart from 20% nothing gets ever deducted.

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I mean the little green box with the balance in it beside my profile picture on the home screen. That number seems to keep decreasing. The withdrawal amount in ‘Earnings’ stays the same though

Maybe people are asking for a chargeback? First of August I somehow ended up having a balance of -8 $ eventhough I didn’t get any notification about chargebacks or anything.

Hmm… But the OP clearly stated that they’re losing only a few cents at a time. Clearly that can’t be a CB. This is very intriguing. :thinking:

I think you could post a request to CS with the appropriate snapshots. It could be a bug :bug:

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Fiverr doesn’t continue to take fees after a completed order. Sometimes the currency changes on its own, so the amount shown looks different, but that would probably cause a bigger difference than a few cents.

Check the currency, and if it stays the same, contact Customer Support. It could be just a display glitch that doesn’t actually affect you other than looking weird, but it’s best to ask them (politely, of course) what’s going on.

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Reach out to fiverr support.

Thanks for the tips guys!

I don’t think this is a chargeback, it seems to only be a few cents each time

I think it may have to do with the currency (I’ m €) so maybe the fluctuating currency exchange is the problem? My available withdrawal amount shown (In $) remains the same, but my balance beside my profile picture (In €) changes, Maybe that’s the problem? If so, not a big deal! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s the currency most probably. I have mine set to € as well and it does change, sometimes more noticeably than a few cents too, I’ve had it happen that I waited for a certain amount after which I wanted to withdraw and the € balance went down instead of up.

I don’t know where Fiverr takes its currency exchange rate from, but it doesn’t really matter, as when you withdraw, you’ll get $$, no matter what currency you set to display.

It only matters as an annoyance for bookkeeping and taxes, and, of course, you’ll end up losing money when you move your money from PayPal to your local € bank account but the fees/exchange rate there depends on PayPal/your bank and has nothing to do with Fiverr.

This is a disadvantage compared to sellers in the US, and you’ll probably end up with less € than you thought, so keep an eye on that and if it’s much less, you might want to figure that into your gig pricing.


hmm… The reason why I didn’t suspect it was a currency issue was cuz if it were a currency issue, I thought it would vary by more than just a few cents… However, the smaller the amount (that you were talking about is), the lesser is going to be the variation… I didn’t take that into consideration.

Also, miiila’s post is very detailed and she has explained it very nicely :smiley:

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Yeah I figure now it is most like a currency exchange issue. My Total balance from when the funds first cleared to now (only a few weeks) is probably around 25 - 40 cents, with a noticeable drop of a couple of cents each time.

As @miiila mentioned, the withdrawal will be in $US so I could get more or less from the exchange through the bank / PayPal etc.

I don’t mind the currency exchange rates, I was just concerned when I seen my balance constantly go down!

Thanks for the help guys :slightly_smiling_face: