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Does Fiverr CS still allow removal of "personal taste" reviews?

Does Fiverr CS still allow removal of “personal taste” reviews? This is more of a general inquiry if anyone knows the answer, and a good way to approach CS about a review that was made solely based on personal taste as the buyer had stated numerous times in the chat back and forth and previously they allowed the removal of it, just curious thanks!

I think that buyers can say they did not like what they got if that’s what you mean. It was my understanding that buyer’s could not get a refund based on personal taste.

Yeah, generally the buyer I had recently insisted I refund the order. He literally said, “As far as taste goes, I am unsatisfied” as a direct quote which i’m going to send to CS and see what happens if it impacts my sales on one of my newer gigs(If not, i’m just going to not even bother with it.). I was just curious if anyone had recently dealt with a bad feedback being left in regards to this.

In the past I was told by CS that users can only leave bad feedback if what they ordered is not what they got(or the quality was lacking, but this person literally told me directly it was based on his personal taste.).

They had no complaints on the quality of the work or what was provided, just that the direction was not in the way they had hoped which didn’t surprise me as they provided me very little to go on.