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Does Fiverr Custom Offer is calculated as a gig or not?

I just have a question in my mind as I am bit new to fiverr . Does custom offers are counted as gigs are not because we have to complete 50 orders in 2 months to get level 2. So if we are just working on custom offers does it helps or not or we have to ask them to buy from the gig page .?

Yes, is counted as a gig related to Your custom offer category and Your gig in that category. An also can be rated by the customer.

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Reply to @dukanu: hi, does that mean, if a customer contacts you from a certain gig of yours that he’s viewing from. after completing that custom order, the buyer could rate and review you on that very first gig he/she sends a message from ? thanks in advance

Now, I believe when you make a custom order you decide which gig it is connected to.

The gig you will select while creating a custom offer i guess it will be calculated as that gig :slight_smile:

Then why is that when I go to the ‘My Gigs’ page, the orders generated from a gig are still 0? Even though I have had a couple of custom orders from that gig.

I have the same issue. When I go to the ‘My Gigs’ page, the orders generated from a gig are still 0?

Yes, Custom order is same as Gig.

Hey There… When you send anyone to custom offer then you will have to select any category from the list of many services. and which category or service you are selecting, this offer’s reviews and rating after its completion shows on that gig… SO answer is Yes. its same as Gig… :slight_smile: Hope now Clear your Doubt … Good Luck !!!

I have already earned 599$s and only have completed 17 orders. i earned level one nearly a month ago and fiverr says I have reached 80% for the level two. So Do I have to make 50 custom orders within 2 months to reach level two? My average selling price is 37$s so that means one custom order is equal to 9 gigs. Highly appreciate your comments on this.

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same thing happened to me…

i think we need to complete 50 orders in 60 days to get level 2

i was at 90% when i completed the 29th order, now i have completed 49th orders but still at 90% :slight_smile: