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Does fiverr deducts money from buyer if order is cancelled mutually?

Hello, I am new to fiverr. I am working as a seller on fiverr and completed almost 30 orders, but some of them were cancelled. I am just curious to ask.
I received an order from a person asking to convert drupal website to wordpress and I have no gig of converting drupal to wordpress. I open dispute and the order was cancelled mutually. Now I want to know whether fiverr deduct their commission from buyers if order is cancelled mutually ?

Any one having experience can answer the question. Thanks
Kind Regards : Farman


The Fiverr does not deduct the money from Buyer for cancelled Orders, they return it to their “Shopping Wallets” which the Buyer can use later on to Purchase something on Fiverr.

The “Transaction Fee”, I believe, which is ($0.50) per $5 Order, and which the Buyer pays upon Ordering, is non - refundable even in case of cancellation.

This is as far as my knowledge on the subject is concerned. My apologies if some of the information is wrong.


Thank You for taking time to answer the query.
As a suggestion fiverr shouldn’t deduct commission from buyers if order is cancelled. Fiverr is up due to these valuable buyers.
Fiverr also has high commission rates from sellers about 20% . That is not fair. What do you think. Correct me If I am wrong.


5r upped the transaction fee to minimum of $1 or 5% whichever is higher.

I pay $1 on orders of $5 to $20, then 5% for anything above.

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Thank you for the update, Gina. Seems like my knowledge of policy is
getting quite outdated - it’s time to refresh it.

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