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Does Fiverr do anything for the Sellers?

I am a new Seller on Fiverr, and recently someone bought my $5 gig without even talking to me beforehand. She wanted me to create a landing page for her for just $5. I was reluctant in the beginning but I agreed to work for her anyway. Now she takes 24 hours to reply my single message and because of that the delivery is already late. If customer does such things, how is the seller responsible for the scenario?
Why doesn’t fiverr allow the sellers to decide if they want to work with a certain customer or not?
What does Fiverr do to make the sellers feel secure and confident?

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You can ask buyer to extend time !!

This is what you offer though - why are you offering something you don’t want to do???

The beauty of Fiverr is that buyers shouldn’t need to contact you before ordering. You set up your gig with an offer and price for what you are willing to do. The buyer orders and answers the questions you have set up on your gig page. You do the work and deliver. That’s it.
Other platforms do not have this system and involve bidding on jobs or discussing things first. If that is what you need then Fiverr is not for you.


I don’t understand. She wanted you to do what your gig offers to do.

It’s up to you to figure out how to manage your fiverr business for this, when the buyer doesn’t answer. It’s doable. It’s all up to you to work with this system.

This is typical buyer behavior, especially for $5 gigs so it’s up to you to figure out how to deal with this in advance. You need to deliver SOMETHING on time, and let them know they have three days to request a modification.

People will spend $5 on the spur of the moment without thinking about it beforehand and then forget about it completely and lose interest in it.

Take that into account. Understand that. Taylor your gig to this.