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Does fiverr endorse the sharing gig in reddit site

I want to know does fiverr endorse the sharing gigs in reddit site.

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I have heard this advice in more than one thread.


Fiverr links are banned in a lot of self promotion subreddits. Good luck being able to post your gig anywhere but the fiverr gigs subreddit - where no one will look at it.

Also, most regular subs would delete your posts as a lot are against self promotion.


Thanks for your advice.

Every site hates people sharing Fiverr gig links - even Fiverrs own forum. It also doesn’t do anything positive for you.


Thanks for quoting me. :slight_smile:

Self-promotion is very tricky, for example, bloggers will ban you if your name is a website domain. So it’s better to call yourself Peter Parker than Peter Parker dot com.

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Thanks to you…