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Does Fiverr ever keep logging you out when trying to reply to a message?

I kept trying to reply to a message quite a few times and every time I did it said something like “unable to send you message” and refreshing the page it showed it had logged me out and I had to log back in again.

I’ve managed to reply now but is there any reason for why it often logged me out like that?

Even though it’s managed to send a message now, just after clicking back on the tab with the inbox it’s now saying “Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page”. Which means it’s logged me out again :frowning:


I always get the “unable to send” message when I forget and use FireFox, but it does not log me out at least. Maybe try a different browser?

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I can’t even log in any more with Firefox so I’m currently using Chromium which is supposed to be similar to Chrome but open source (Chrome I think initially used the same code that Chromium uses - or something like that). Sometimes it seems okay but other times it keeps giving me that problem with it keeping logging me out every so often.

When I could log in with Firefox I didn’t have this problem with it logging me out - I could stay logged in for probably months. But it wouldn’t show me as online. And now I’ve logged out with it (as asked by CS to see if that solved the problem) I can’t log back in with it. So that’s why I’m using Chromium (as it should be close enough to the browser that is supposed to work with Fiverr, ie. Chrome).

Did you try to reset the browser ? If not try it.