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Does Fiverr financially penalize lateness?

I had a client who kept delaying sending me the relevant info needed to create his website, the delivery ended up being 4 days late because of this. I thought nothing of it until I noticed that my gig which I sold for 85$ + Fivver fees is showing up as 68$ in my earnings! There is Literally NOTHING I could do to prevent the late delivery as I did everything in my power to extract the information I needed - the client was just not very savvy with basic web stuff that most people asking for a website know, and he did not log in anywhere near often enough to see my messages.

Can someone help me!?

If you charge $85 for your service and Fiverr deducts its normal 20% fee than you should see $68 in your earnings. You were not penalized for being late.


But the client paid over 100$ its just my portion that was supposed to be 85$

I think your answer might be somewhere within USD/CAD ratio and different currencies displayed on order page and your earnings page.
85USD would be about 109 CAD (perhaps that’s what your buyer paid?).
There are no financial penalties for being late.

No we are both cad based - I also cant find anywhere in my records beyond the messages the full price paid by the client

by message I mean the ‘custom offer’ thing

The full price should be on the order page. On top is the green bar stating how much you’ve earned, and under that are the order number and the amount that the buyer paid.

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Did the buyer purchase any gig extras, which show up separately from the earnings of the main gig?

Nope! I wish I could attach screenshots as a new user to share what I am seeing on my end.

You could, but edit out all personal info. :wink:

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