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Does fiverr forum can increase impressions and clicks?

I had started fiverr 6 months ago and I had started promoting my gigs in Facebook but there was no increase in impressions but when I started to be active in the fiverr forum my impressions and clicks is increasing. Can anyone give a correct answer for my doubt


no, No, NO

And in case you just missed it N.O.

There is no official relationship between activity on this forum and Fiverr Gigs. At all.

There is coincidence. And there is a slight chance that the female (and perhaps 10% of the male) freelancers here think you are cute and want to learn a bit more about you. Oh and competitors.

Keep your eyes on your work - and the pretty ladies (or boys, as I ain’t judgey)



Welcome to Fiverr Furman :star_struck:

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:laughing::laughing:I liked your replay

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As said, there is no correlation between posting here (which, most post a lot of nonsense and bad advice) and your Gig getting impressions or clicks. I suppose if you post your Gig link in “My Fiverr Gigs” or “Improve My Gig”, people may click to see what you offer or to critique your Gig and give you pointers which would raise those metrics, but being active on the forum is highly unlikely to get you orders - and that is what is important - not impressions or clicks.


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Thank you for your valuable information

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