Does fiverr give ranking preference to new gigs?


I set up my first gig here a couple months ago, and I got 2-3 orders the first day (even when I had no rating!). For the next couple weeks, I was getting orders every day. I delivered every single one, with 100% satisfaction.

But in the last month, I’ve been getting an order maybe once every 2 weeks. Also, looking at the stats, the views on my gig have not been increasing very much.

So what’s going on? Is it the case that fiverr simply doesn’t show the gig in the search results any more?



I too got the same problem. It’s happening to many gigs these days.

I guess fiverr people are changing the algorithm in such a way new people with 100% rating and right keywords gets the top place in fiverr search.

I was forced to remove my keywords which were there earlier. Now my gig is not in the search results, I have digged it till 100+ pages and my gig was no where.

This is real pain for the genuine sellers.

Hope to see some light again.



It could also be a glitch, which is what happened to ALL of my gigs. On your Gig page double check that the amount of active gigs at the very top of the page is the amount of gigs you have. Each of my individual gigs said they were active, but at the top of the page it said only 1 out of 6 was active. I contacted Customer Support and they fixed it for me after a couple days :slight_smile:


Reply to @bandeau: I had the same problem - three out of four gigs. I contacted SC almost two weeks ago, they said it would be resolved, and now today only two of my four gigs are active at the top of the page! Argh.