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Does Fiverr have a low season

Why is it that there are no jobs on fiverr? I try to bid severally with no success. There have been jobs before to the extent I was fearing to bid on any job cause you might be given several at the same time. Right now the case is different. Any trick or I’m I the only one experiencing this?

There are thousands and thousands of “jobs” here on Fiverr. Fiverr calls them “gigs”, and sellers in every category are offering them. Buyers hire them, thus creating a job.

Don’t expect the buyer request section to be your primary source of “jobs”. Find the buyers who need what you have to offer, wherever they may be located, and convince them to hire you. If you don’t see any BR offers, then, clearly, your “jobs” are not located in the buyer request section, but located out there – in the world – wherever your target customers are located. You will have to do the business and market research in order to find them. That’s part of being in business, and that’s part of working as a freelancer.